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Which games do kids in India like to play?

author: charita | date: 9. mája 2024 | category: India

Games and fun are the most common language of childhood. Some are known worldwide, not only in Slovakia but also in India. Girls like to play the Ludo board game, while the boys think about their next chess move. Kabaddi, Lagorie, or Carrom, are the games not known in Slovakia – but very popular among Indian children.

Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports in the world. The entire match lasts 40 minutes, divided into two 20-minute halves. The game field is 13 x 10 meters for men, and 12 x 8 meters for women and is divided into 2 equal halves. The game is played by two teams, each with 7 players. The striker tries to get onto the opponent’s half. If the striker touches the opponent’s player, he scores. If the opponent’s team catches the striker, he does not score and is ejected. The team that scores more points in both halves wins. 

Lagorie is another Indian game. It is played with seven wooden bricks or flat rocks, stacked on each other and forming a tower. Players are divided into 2 teams. The striker starts the game by hitting the tower with a small ball. After that, his team tries to build a tower again, while the opposing team’s defenders throw balls. If the ball hits the player from the striker’s team, he is suspended and cannot continue in the game.  

Carrom is a board game suitable for every generation. It is played on a squared smooth wooden mat and measures 70 cm. In the corner, there is a hole, under which, there can be a net. Each player has nine rocks. Some of them are light in color, and some of them are dark. In the beginning, rocks are placed in the middle of the wooden mat, around a „queen rock“ which is red. The main purpose of the game is to throw all the stones, including the queen rock, into the hole. The game ends when one of the players throws all the stones. The winner gets 1 point for each opponent’s rock, left on the wooden mat and 5 points for hiding the „queen rock“. Both girls and boys enjoy this game.