Why is the help in Uganda meaningful

100 000 children are HIV positive

61% of the people have insufficient access to drinking water

75% of the population doesn’t have adequate access to health care

The support in Uganda is sent directly to poor children and orphans from northern and southern parts of the country. We aim to support them, offer them love, care, and acceptance, see to their health, upbringing, and education. Thanks to your support, these children have a chance at a better life.

Your donations secure


Food and water


Whom do we help

We support children from more than 20 schools, HIV-positive children from the Slovak Catholic Charity centre in Adjumani, and children who visit the Joh Paul II. clinic in Buikwe. Without the help of the centres and the provided medicine, these children would have no chance of survival.

Goals and activities of the centre

Centre's social workers help children with their homework and preparation for their final exams. The centre organises many sports activities and competitions. They offer a wide range of leisure activities such as jewelry crafting, painting, sculpting, and trips during the holidays. In the centre, children help with common household chores such as washing dishes, helping in the kitchen, and watering the plants. These activities teach them about responsibility. The centre has its field, where they work the land and grow vegetables together.

Margita Kačányiová, Coordinator
My name is Margita Kačányiová, and I have been working in Africa for over eight years. Together with Slovak Catholic Charity, we started the project. I worked as a missionary in South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia. I oversee the operation of the centre and manage the Children’s Donation Project.
Catherine Riria, Assistant coordinator
My name is Catherine Riria, and I am from a local tribe called Madi. The centre is located in the area of our tribe. As a nurse, I worked in South Sudan and am presently in this centre as the principal nurse. I take care of the children's health and assist the coordinator.
Julious Manga, Coordinator
I have cooperated with the Children's Donation Project for several years, and I'm also a local coordinator for the Gift of Love centre. I graduated in philosophy and social work. My main job is to secure school materials such as books, stationaries, papers, mathematical equipment, and school uniforms for the children participating in the project. I also oversee the payment of all school fees of the supported children, and I am responsible for collecting the annual reports, letters, and photos of children, that we send to Slovak donors. Simultaneously, I oversee regular checking and monitoring of terrain work as well as solving problems amongst children and in the community if the need arises. I am responsible for the smooth operation of all processes and activities connected to helping children supported in the Children's Donation Project.

Goals and activities of the centre

The Health Initiatives Association (HIA) has been acting in Uganda for the last five years and is successfully improving not only health but also the social situation of the local community. Currently, the organisation operates mainly in the Buikwe area, where they run the children's HIV clinic of John Paul II. In 2016, HIA managed to build and move to new clinical and administrative premises with the assistance of Slovak donors. They provide not only medicine and health services but also take care of the families of their little patients. If the child is an orphan or has a disability, the oragnisation can sometimes offer assistance in the form of covering the school fees.

Barbora Šilhárová, Coordinator
I have been working as a doctor on development projects since 2010. As an employee of the Department of Medicine and Social Studies, I have been working in various countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Lesotho, and South Sudan. Since 2012, I have been working with the project of John Paul II Children's Clinic under the management of the Health Initiatives Association in Buikwe, Uganda. This project focuses on the comprehensive care of HIV-positive children and other vulnerable groups in terms of health, social security, and welfare. The clinic is under my professional supervision as the primary doctor and director. I have been collaborating with the Children's Donation Project since 2019, and I coordinate the help provided by the project to local children. I also manage the operation of a maternity clinic which we opened in June 2021 thanks to a financial donation in the form of a so-called 'Malý projekt' from the Children's Donation Project.
Marián Holubčík, Coordinator
I have been working on the project of John Paul II Children's Clinic since 2014. I traded a banker's job for voluntary work. I am the Finance Director and Administrator of the project for HIV-positive children in Buikwe. I manage administration and finances and am a coordinator of the social programme. I supervise four social workers who cooperate with the Children's Donation Project, monitor households, and support the nutrition security of families.

Goals and activities of the centre

James Robert Otim, Centre director
I have worked as the executive director of the Morukakise Integrated Development Association (MIDA) for several years. My main task is to secure support for children in need in the form of payment of school fees, providing stationaries, and health care, and fulfilling their other needs. Additionally, I am the official spokesperson and responsible for reports for donors and the board of directors. As a sociologist and a scientist, I have 16 years of experience with communities affected by AIDS, where we try to limit the spreading of the virus and offer support to HIV-positive patients. For the last 8 years, I have been helping with development of a project for orphans and disadvantaged children to help with their gradual integration into society.