Project vision and mission

Our idea is a long-term and systematic aid for children in developing countries, no matter their sex, religion, health condition, and race. By fulfilling our vision, we carry out the charitable mission of the Church – in the spirit of evangelical love for men and the poor.

“ Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. „
(Matthew 25:40)

Goals of the project

  • Education – We help poor children get a proper education and improve their social status so that they will be able to become full-fledged members of society. We want to allow them to have a stable job in the future and to be able to provide their families with financial security.
  • Community development – Support is dedicated to children in their home country and region, to improve their living conditions and to allow them to stay in the country they were born in and in the community they know.
  • Long-term and systematic aid – We provide financial support for education, nourishment, and health care for poor and socially disadvantaged children throughout their studies. The goal of our project is not to solve the humanitarian crisis but, by supporting the education of young people, to contribute to the quality of life of the whole society.

Our values

  • Aiding the poor and needy in the name of evangelical love
  • Respecting the dignity of every human being
  • Altruistic and efficient aid for poor and socially disadvantaged children
  • Our main goal is the well-being of the child, their safety, and protection
  • Transparency and effectiveness