Why is the help in Honduras meaningful

More than 66% of the population lives below the poverty threshold

Every tenth child aged 5 to 14 is a victim of human trafficking and has to work

Honduras is the fourth poorest country in the western hemisphere

The people of Honduras live in harsh conditions. The inhabitants of agricultural areas cultivate the land and use most of the crops themselves. Thus only a small amount is left for sale to obtain at least a small amount of money. Families commonly live in the humble wooden cottages they built themselves. Due to the unfavorable financial situation, children leave school and have to start working at a young age. Thanks to your support, children from the poorest families will be able to attend school regularly and thus obtain the necessary education for a better future.

Your donations secure


Food and water


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Whom do we help

Your support is sent directly to poverty–stricken children of preschool and school age in Honduras.

The Company of the Daughters of Charity is recognized in the Catholic Church as a society of apostolic life founded in France in 1633 by Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac. We serve Jesus Christ in the person of the poor through multiple services in the areas of health, education, evangelization in rural and peripheral areas, and other social promotion services. We are present in more than 96 countries around the world.

Goals and activities of the centre

The Daughters of Charity of the Marguerite Naseau Missionary House has been present in Wampusirpi since July 3, 2002. Our mission here is to provide pastoral accompaniment to 22 villages in the parish of Santa Cruz, Wampusirpi. Among the activities, we carry out with the children of Wampusirpi are the catechesis of Christian initiation whose objective is to accompany the children in their process of growth in faith so that through formation they learn to value their life as a gift and the life of their fellow human beings. We also carry out a program of education in values called “Children’s Campaign” which takes place once a week in the schools of the municipality. This program aims to reinforce and rescue the values that are disappearing in different sectors of society.

Sister Gerardina Cáceres, Coordinator
My name is Gerardina Caceres, I have been a member of the Company of the Daughters of Charity since 1997. For 27 years I have been serving in different services and places. For the last seven years, I have been serving in this place of Wampusirpi. I am happy to be able to accompany the children and young people and to collaborate in the different activities of pastoral evangelization that we develop. I am very happy to join Adopcia na diaľku® / Children's Donation Project as coordinator of the organization CF Caritas Wampusirpi Honduras, it means a lot to me to be part of a project that will be of great benefit to the poor children of this place.