Our efforts to help children in Cuba are complicated, for example, by difficult access to the Internet or by any technical conveniences that are common in Slovakia as a computer or printer. Therefore, this process does not have to run smoothly and without delays. In practice, this may mean that photos of children may be of poorer quality or reports about children may not be complete. For this reason, we recommend adoption in Cuba mainly to patient donors. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your favor.

Why is the help in Cuba meaningful

In 2021 inflation rate reached 70%

Minimum wage in Kuba is about 77€

Food prices are very high. One kilogram of rice costs about 3,7€

Poverty in Cuba has not disappeared and life here is very difficult. Continued communism affects much of the economy and the US embargo imposed makes the situation even worse.

The diet of the poorest part of the population of Cuba is very simple. It often includes only black beans with rice. Officially, school and health care is free for everyone, but a lot of tied fees are required.

We thank all donors from the heart for helping Cuban children develop their potential and capabilities.

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Whom do we help

Your support is sent directly to poor children of preschool and school age. The children are supported either in schools or in particular dioceses.

father Lukáš Mizerák, coordinator
My name is Lukáš Mizerák, I am a Verbist missionary from the Society of the Word of God in Cuba, where I have been working since November 2011 in the parishes of Cayo Mambí. The parish belongs to 12 villages and there was no church in either of them until recently. This situation was changed by a visit by St. Francis‘ father when the government gave us permission to build the first church directly in Cayo Majbia. Now we have little to do to complete it. Thanks to many donors from Slovakia, the church will soon be ready
My work here is to preach the gospel and help young people and children. We meet under trees or in the gardens of Catholic families. It is important not only to serve Mass but also to visit people and listen to them.
The conditions for life here are very difficult. Even needs such as soap or toothpaste are not available to everyone. That is why we thank you from the heart for supporting the Children´s Donation Project, which means huge help for children.
Children participating in the project come from these provinces:
We thank the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS) for their significant financial support, spiritual encouragement and prayers during the implementation of the Children´s Donation Project in Cuba.