Why is the help in Vietnam meaningful

50% of the parents living in rural areas are unable to cover their children’s school fees

Every 10th girl is married underage

Vietnam is one of the five countries with the highest number of victims of human trafficking

The most impoverished part of the Vietnamese population works in agriculture or the fishing industry. The population faces many hardships, such as cyclones and typhoons. During drought periods, the people aren’t able to grow any crops. During the monsoon period (June to December), harvest is highly dependent on the weather.

People who make a living by fishing own small boats used only close to the shore where fewer fish live.

The rate of literacy is low. People lack money for covering basic necessities and, without financial help, can’t provide education for their children to help them escape poverty. Thanks to your support, these people have a chance at education and a better life.

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Whom do we help

Your support is sent directly to poor children of preschool and school age. The children are supported either in schools or in particular dioceses.

Mary Madalena Hoang Thi Linh Huy, Coordinator
My name is Mary Magdalena Hoang Thi Linh Huy, and I am a missionary of the Congregation of Daughters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. I have worked as a teacher and offered spiritual guidance and company. Since 2019 I’ve been working for Caritas Vietnam on the Children’s Donation Project®. We offer help mainly in rural areas, remote mountainous areas, and in the delta of the Mekong river, where the education of children is highly problematic due to substantial poverty. I oversee the selection of children who need help the most for the project and inform our Slovak partners about the children’s educational progress. The Children’s Donation Project® is the only chance of education for many children in Vietnam.
Children participating in the project come from these dioceses: