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We are already helping kids in Tanzania!

author: charita | date: 1. marca 2024 | category: Tanzania

In this country people of different religions live together in peace. The real problems of Tanzania are poverty, lack of food and fresh water. Kids walk to school several kilometres and their parents do not have enough money for things related to school. But they really want to study and change their lives to be better. We are entering this program together with our trustworthy partner OZ Misie and with the priests working in Tanzania’s Bulige and Sukamahela.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. People usually work as farmers, and they cultivate land by hand, they lack machines. They often eat just one food in a few days. In this catholic country dedicated to the Virgin Mary live together in peace Christians, Muslims, and Believers in traditional religions. Family is very important for them. They see their kids as a big gift from God. They live modest and simple life. Majority of people cannot secure necessities of life as a food, water, medicine, clothes, or a roof over their head.

Even though the education in the primary schools is mandatory and for free, often happens, that kids are not in the school, because they can not buy school uniform, notebook, writing tools, textbooks, and food as well. More than fifth of kids in Tanzania do not finish primary school education. The several kilometres distances, that kids must walk on their way to school are also a complication, not to mention the problems with health. Because of those complications a lot of families decide to not send their children to school, and they send them to work at home on the land.

Children from our project lives in the least developed parts of Tanzania. They come from the poorest families, with a lot of kids. All the kids desire an education, although, because of limited resources this dream can be fulfilled only to some of them.

This is how classes are conducted in the kindergarten of St. Christoph in Buliga.

They built schools, churches, and wells.

To the partnership we are entering with verified partner OZ Misie. Civic association was founded by priests Father Benjamin Kosnáč, Father Pavol Gajdoš and Filip Macák. Together with Father Ludovit Gábriš, they are helping in this country for a long time, primarily in the Kahama diocese, where for a several years they are realizing their help and they managed to build schools, churches, and wells.

About their decision to enter the project Adopcia na diaľku (Children’s Donation Project), they wrote this: “After the experience with help in Kahama it has become clear for us, that invest to the education means invest to the future of the people and their country. We were thinking and we were looking for a model of help, with long-term perspective and which is efficient. At the end we decided that the best help will be supporting the kids, mainly by educating them, but by creating more dignified conditions for life as well. We contacted Slovak Catholic Charity and asked for help knowing, that they have more than 25 years of experience with this type of help through the project Adopcia na diaľku® (Children’s Donation Project). This project allows to the new generation achieve education, thanks to which children have more chances to master a trade or achieve higher education, and thereby contributes to raising not only his own standard of living, but also the community and the entire country. Results of the project Adopcia na diaľku® (Children’s Donation Project) from the countries outside of Africa and from the African countries as well show, how big blessing the SKCH is for those countries.“

Theresia would like to become a teacher in the future. (Sukamahela)
Benedict enjoys mathematic the most and loves to play football. (Bulige)

Kids are the same all over the world.

In Tanzania we are starting with help in 2 centres. First, in Sukamahela. Director is priest from Slovakia, Father Peter Majerník. Second is in Bulige and is run by Father Salvatore Guerrera from Italy. Benedict, Theresia, and the other kids from Tanzania are waiting for their donors.

Five-year-old Benedict lives only with his mother, who earns living as a door-to-door saleswoman selling pans. They live in the modest abode 9 kilometres far from school. Benedict enjoys mathematic the most and loves to play football. He is energetic and friendly boy, who loves to show his big and beautiful smile. His dream is to become a football player.

Theresia is a first grader, and her school is about an hour away on foot. She lives with her 4 older siblings and parents, who are farmers. They grow mainly corn and raise chickens at home. As most of the Tanzanians they eat ugali porridge made from cassava, rice, and vegetables. Theresia would like to become a teacher in the future. Her dream is to visit Serengeti National Park. She likes to celebrate Christmas. Parents have little income and with so big family, it is not enough to cover necessities for life and school expenses. Her favourite subject is Swahili. She enjoys reading books and ball games. Her best friend is Mary, and her favourite animal is lion.