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The hope that lights in Vietnam.

author: charita | date: 4. apríla 2024 | category: Vietnam

As a part of Easter Octave, Sister Mary Magdalene explained to us, how is Easter celebrated in Vietnam. The sacraments begin on Maundy Thursday. This day is accompanied by rituals of washing the feet and carrying the Holy Altar sacrament. The ritual of feet washing is attended by pious, respectable, and active men of the parish, after they had completed the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Holy Confession). The act of washing the feet symbolizes the spirit of service, humility and love that was in Christ. He came to us „not to be served, but to serve “. It imitates the washing of feet, as Jesus did to apostles during the Last Supper, and expresses self-sacrifice through service.

The joint prayer is followed by second part of the celebration. Carrying of the Most Blessed Sacrament to the temporary altar created just for holiday. During the transmission, everybody sings the Eucharistic hymn „Pange Lingua “.

Receiving the Easter candle.

The day of Good Friday is accompanied by several traditions. On this day, they commemorate the suffering of Jesus in form of the Way of the Cross. The priest consecrates the cross with incense, which is carried away by the procession. It is followed by reading 15 sufferings of Jesus Christ. The reader stands in front of the altar and sings prayer about Christ’s suffering. During Holy Saturday, the Easter candle is received. Everyone who is present holds a candle in their hand. „When we hold a burning candle in our hands during the Easter Vigil, it is time when we receive the light of Christ’s resurrection. This flame is the light of our faith.“ says Sister Mary Magdalene.

Children have fun decorating Easter eggs.
Girls are happy about their Easter eggs.