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Sport is helping to lower the crime rate among teenagers in Haiti

author: charita | date: 11. novembra 2018 | category: Haiti

One of the most favourite activities of Haitian children is sporting. Physical activities are part of the educational process at schools during elementary and secondary education. Football and other sporting activities are always bringing enjoyment to the children. Through collective sports, children are taught to cooperate and respect each other.

Thank you for your regular support of Haitian children. Two hundred ninety-eight of Haitian boys and girls currently take part in the project. Sister Marie Evanette Onesaire, our coordinator from Riviere Froide, has written in one of the emails:

Marie Evanette Onesaire

„We would like to thank our Slovak donors for helping Haiti children, and we want to encourage other Slovaks to take part in the project. Your support is invaluable. This act of humanity and Christian love is an encouragement to those who are willing to help. Parents of the children and the whole community are deeply touched by your selflessness and your opened hearts towards our children in need Financial support, which we receive from Children’s donation project®, is helping us to let children from economically unstable families study. Apart from their self-development, being involved in educational and sports activities is a meaningful way to spend their time. Because of this, the crime rate in our community has lowered.“