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Our donors are happy with their adopted children from Cuba

author: charita | date: 4. júla 2022 | category: Cuba

The interest in support of children from Kuba is increasing. In a short time, more than sixty children from this country got their donor from Slovakia. Thanks to donations, missionaries can provide school supplies, health insurance, groceries, and clothes to children in need. Girls Yadriana and Bellanira from Cuban province Holguin, already have their Slovak donor. Both of them desire to become a doctor in the future. Thanks to support from Slovakia, their shared dream is a few steps closer to becoming reality. Joyful for this virtual adoption are also two adopted mothers from Slovakia. 

Mrs Zuzana from Dolný Kubín is a virtual mother to ten years old Yadriana. She likens her happiness in the photograph of her adopted daughter to the happiness of her mother: „ It touched my heart when I saw the picture of our Yadriana. Girl at the age of our youngest child.” Similar feelings had Mrs Mária from Červeník (near town Hlohovec). When she received the photograph of fourteen years old Bellanira, she was overwhelmed with joy and inner conviction that her decision to become a part of the Children’s Donation Project was right.

A 10-year-old Yadriana was adopted by Mrs Zuzana from Dolný Kubín.
A 14-year-old Bellanira was adopted by Mrs Mária from Červeník

What led Mrs Máriu and Mrs Zuzanu to join Children’s Donation Project? Good previous experience of the families in the surrounding area as well as the knowledge that there is someone in the world who needs their help and prayers. Mrs Maria explains her motivation in more detail as follows: „I am pleased and filled with the idea that I can help a child in need. That’s good enough for me. What cooperation with the project will bring me, I do not know yet, but I am convinced that it will be a win-win situation.”

We are pleased to see that the two donors share their joy with their friends. „I believe that we are not just helping those in need. It is a two-way process, and sometimes I feel like the donor gets even more. The Children’s Donation Project carries a deep message, and I am glad to be part of it and to be able to spread it further,” adds Ms Maria. Mrs Susan also confided in us: “I’ll be delighted to hear from Yadrian and her family, how she’s doing, whether she’s healthy and happy. “Thus, in their experience, the two donors confirm a biblical statement: „It is more blessedness to give than to receive.”

Children from Cuba involved in the Children’s Donation Project also live in such shelters.

In the name of these children, we thank Mrs Mária and Mrs Zuzana and all donors for joining the project, who help to fulfil children’s dreams and change their destinies for the better.

Join our project by adopting a girl or a boy from Cuba. You will find specific information about this country and application here:

In the implementation of the Children’s Donation Project in Cuba, we thank the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS) for its significant financial support, spiritual encouragement, and prayers.