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Abin is from India and he likes to play Kabbadi the most

author: charita | date: 15. januára 2021 | category: India

We like to inform our donors about the children, that they’ve remotely adopted through our project. Each donor receives a questionnaire from us after being assigned a child with its hobbies. They are often common interests and subjects, such as dance or maths. But since we also support children from India, where there is a different culture or customs, many times our donors may encounter strange and unknown games.

For example, Indian boy Abin’s favourite name is called Kabbadi. This game is popular in India, but not really known in Europe. It’s played on marked playfield divided into two halves. There is one team consisting of seven players on either of those halves. The teams take turns in the so-called attacks on the opponent’s half, during which one player from the attacking team tries to touch as many opponents as possible. For the touch of one player, the team gets one point, the whole attack lasts 20 seconds. The second team, after being touched by the opponent, tries to return the touch to them before they can return to their half of the field. If they succeed, their opponent will not get any points. The whole game takes about 40 minutes, and there are many variations in India.

Abin in the picture for donor

The situation with coronavirus is really complicated in the whole world and children in India will have to wait, until they can play this game again. But we’re hoping, that it’ll not last for a long time and that they get to get together at school playfields and desks.

Our project is primarily dedicated to supporting education, but through our partners we also provide children with food, basic health care and also activities focused on the healthy mental development of the child, such as trips, games and other activities supporting social interactions between children. We believe that in order for a child to reach its full potential at the school desk, its basic life needs must be met.

Oliver Bacul, Miroslava Knapíková